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Simon’s Cat: It’s a Dog’s Life

Perfect for all Simon’s Cat lovers, and of course just in time for that special Christmas gift, this latest edition of sketches detailing the life of Simon Tofield’s very interesting Cat, makes welcome comedic relief in a troubled world. In It’s a Dog’s Life, Cat comes face to face with a new addition to his world, that of a dog!

But how is Cat going to cope? Discovering how this inventive feline is getting his world back on track without the help of words, puts the unreality of the everyday world firmly back in its place, as Cat sorts out his troubles and attempts to put a world gone mad, back into perspective, his of course.

As the pages turn each detailed sketch tells it like it is; the reality of life involving a dog, that is equally as inventive as Cat and equally determined to have life organised just as he and his many mates of all breeds, shapes and sizes like it; their way.

Page one sets out the expectations of both pets: one with his bowl, guess which one, and the other wanting to go walkies! Life will never be the same again, no matter what!

Page after page of immense fun is revealed in the daily life of both adversaries as they battle it out to get the upper paw. Poor Simon; he though life with Cat was bad enough, now he is really in the thick of a territorial battle royal as Cat goes out and about in his world.

Brilliant illustrations capture the very essence of Cat, Dog, Cat life with a very quirky influence created by the very furry friends who have been captured forever by Simon’s pen as they go about doing what they do best, creating mayhem.

Pet lovers will immediately relate to Cat, Dog and their life, while anyone who loves a good laugh at the funny side of life captured in pen and ink will become a firm fan of Simon Tofield and his very funny, very determined Cat!

Author Simon Tofield
Publisher A&U Canongate
ISBN 9781786897008
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released November 2019