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Stand by Your Manhood: A Game-Changer for Modern Men

Society is steadily moving towards an equality of the sexes in many ways. What we really need to see is both men and women who are comfortable in the role they have chosen; men who can feel at ease opening a door for a woman, and women who have equal pay, and say in the work force. There should be no demeaning of either sex. Since the Suffragettes, women have fought for equality and recognition. Peter Lloyd believes it is time for men to recognize the “conundrums of contemporary masculinity,” and solve them.

 Unfortunately many of his arguments are flawed. “Men pay more taxes”, but they are also the biggest money earners. “Men are sent to fight in wars”, women are also sent, and many men signed up voluntarily in the last war. And the last argument, “Men work all their lives, women work temporarily or not at all.”…….Interestingly he feels that men “only borrow their children, while women can keep them.”

 As we know, there are still problems to overcome to find the correct balance for the sexes in our society. The author spoke with a journalist who writes for a men’s magazine. This journalist had written about Cameron Diaz, saying that at forty two she was still sexy and desirable. He received a flood of angry mail from concerned women. If the writer discussed her superb acting ability, and the work she does, it would be enough for readers to look at her as a whole person. Just seeing her as a sexual being is not helping the balance that we need to establish today.

 Peter Lloyd has written this book in the hope that some readers will connect with his thoughts. He mentions stories of desperate women stealing sperm, but these are extreme cases and not the everyday actions of people with a moral sense. The author is looking for a revolution, but most people feel that respect, equal treatment, and a moral code to follow, would be the best way forward.

AuthorPeter Lloyd
PublisherBiteback Publishing
DistributorNew South Books
ReleasedNovember 2016