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The Art of Frugal Hedonism: A Guide to Spending Less While Enjoying Everything More 

Want to change the way you live, want to have money, want to enjoy the best life can offer, want to enjoy better health and have more fun, just simply want to be someone who enjoys their life and has fun! Does that sound like you, does that sound like something you have been secretly trying to find but can’t work out it how this can be done!

Does this desire to enjoy the simple things in life once again remind you of when you were a child and life, in all its forms seemed to be so simple, so much fun; every day was a day when you discovered something new, fresh and enjoyable in your life.

Well look no further, because help is here in a simple little book, jammed packed full of the most important advice, as to how making some relatively easy and simple changes in your life, can put you on the pathway to being able to have more time, more money, enjoy life fully and have a lot of fun along the way.

Simplistic you may say, and Yes, you are right, but although it may not smack of sophistication , what Annie and Adam propose really does work, has genuine benefits that can easily be achieved and by doing so, creates an entirely new experience which is a positive and financially rewarding way forward.

Each of the chapters is dedicated to a way of revisiting the many areas of our life that can be improved with a little tweaking here and there, and by using the information provided, done so in a way that is educational, humorous and most of all, surprisingly enjoyable.

Consider this as a guidebook, or a training manual to setting yourself free and begin at the beginning. Try something simple to commence your new journey, such as savouring every drop of the next coffee you purchase, walk to the local shop and enjoy the scenery along the way. Take a carry bag rather than rely on plastic from the supermarket, or plant a tomato bush in your garden and enjoy the real pleasure of fruit that tastes sensational: all simple things but a beginning into becoming a frugal hedonist.

Can’t be done you say! It can, as the further you read into the book the more AH HA moments you have, as so much of what is presented, is the way society once was before marketing got a hold, deciding that we needed more and more and better and better and larger and larger to be happy; before we began to believe what the spin doctors are selling us, and chasing a pathway that has led to enormous debt, pressure in the workplace, poor health and believe it or not, serious obesity.

For those of you who take heed of the advice offered in this entertaining and enjoyable look at reforming your lifestyle so you can have nothing but the best in all areas of your life, read Chapter 47 directly after the Forward, set forward with aplomb, enjoy the good stuff, don’t sweat the tough stuff and learn to have fun once again, as you watch ‘your waistline diminish and your bank balance increase’.

Author Annie Raser-Rowland, with Adam Grubb
Publisher Melliodora Publishing
ISBN 978-0994392817
Website http:/
Distributor Melliodora Publishing
Released 2016