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The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump

Who would ever have thought, Donald Trump and poetry on the same page! In this very interesting anthology the words of Donald Trump have been revisited, to form and present an interesting aspect of the man that perhaps, even he, is not aware.

Rob Sears was driven by the idea that there had to be more to this man than first thought, perhaps there was as a sensitive side, a more softer poetic aspect that had lain undiscovered, but needed to be offered into the light of public scrutiny.

A selection of the many Tweets and transcripts offered into the public marketplace by this man, as he goes about his daily business of either running his business empire, or the United States of America, when cut up or re-established into various verses or prose makes interesting and totally enjoyable reading.

Perhaps there really is a hidden side to Trump that only Rob Sears has been able to discover, hidden in traditional verse or the fascinating brief Haiku form of poetry, a form of word usage which could be considered particularly suitable to the limited use of vocabulary delivered by Trump, or rather the repetitive usage of the same words such as “love, and beautiful’; what better words to utilise in prose form.

An introduction explains in typical format what it is that drove Sears to creating this work. Perhaps it is the oft used phrase ‘ I am open minded,’ or the ‘Fake news’ that now permeates our papers and  media on a daily basis, which hooked him into this very interesting, almost definitely tongue-in-cheek look at poetry and what can indeed, make up some interesting pieces.

Crooked Hillary is a terminology the world became familiar with over recent times, which has now been reborn as a Haiku, each of the lines legitimised on the facing page. I’m really rich has been turned into a six line verse and Little Marco: a Haiku began life as a Tweet criticising Marco Rubio in 2016.

The final piece, or perhaps the finale of the pieces, You have to be everything tells more about the man himself to the keen observer,  than even he would like to have known, considering words are powerful things and when put together in various usages, can result in what can be termed some serious poetry worth reading.

Enjoy the soliloquy of Donald Trump, who like many, or all of us, is a man of many parts and aspects, some nice and some not so nice, but intriguing all the same, Strictly Unauthorised, of course!

AuthorRob Sears
PublisherCanongate Trade
DistributorA&U Canongate
ReleasedOctober 2017