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The Book Of They

Following on from his hugely successful, The Book of He, Berner sets his sights firmly on a different market, the marketplace known collectively as, ‘They’.

‘They’ , whom it would seem know everything, as ‘They’  often say something but ‘They’ do not always get it right, but never-the -less, ‘ They’ always seems to be in the mix of any debate, in-family or ex-family, holding forth with the rights and wrongs of any given situation

In his latest lampooning of the sector of society known as ‘They’, he has spared no punches, has not drawn lines in the sand and really, it could be considered,  could not care less what ‘They ‘ have to say about the book.

To understand exactly what this complex author is really like, an ‘in-depth’ interview commences the book, which will, let me inform you, leave you as confused at the end of the interview as you were at the beginning! As each of the 80 line drawings unfold, you do begin to wonder if his skewed sense of humour is truly today’s reality, as he hits his target fare and square, every time.

But onto the content of the book, which shows no mercy in some instances, hits very close to the bone in others and proves to be worthy of a wry chuckle or two on the way through the pages, as perhaps, dare one state it, in some of the drawings and captions, we do recognise ourselves.

These totally irreverent books are a great way to let a little of the stress go from everyday life, allow an ironic look at society in general and provide a good deal of fun when reviewing the everyday antics of the society sect known as ‘They’, or perhaps even Me or Thee

The contents of the book are best summed up in the little ‘Quote’ on the flyleaf from ANON.

‘Any resemblance to people, living or dead, is entirely the point,’

One would have to agree, totally!

AuthorPeter Berner
PublisherFinch Publications
DistributorFinch Publications
ReleasedSeptember 2017