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The Bumper Book of Peanuts

When cartoonist Charles M. Schultz drew the first character in what was to become the much loved ‘Peanuts’ comic strips, little did he realise that some 60 years on, the loveable characters would still be as popular today as they were then and about to appear in their first movie.

But as each character was born so an army of fans was also born; fans who have now grown older, but have passed their love of these beloved characters, which somehow never seem to grow old, on to the younger generations to enjoy.

Captured on every strip there are pearls of wisdom, which reading as young person passed well over my head, but now as somewhat older and wiser person, can now be appreciated.  No matter what the situation somewhere in the many, many cartoon strips created there is an answer, one way or the other, for something that does happen in life.

Take the chapter on Cats: Snoopy and Woodstock have fallen out over War and Peace, until it looks like the cat next door has eaten Woodstock. That is when the real fun begins as Snoopy suddenly raises he, as dog extraordinaire, needs to go to the rescue of his friend.

Tennis proves to be an interesting interlude , providing it goes Snoopy’s way, and music seems to sooth the soul as well as sort out some of life little issues. Charlie Brown always seems to be getting bossed about and Linus, provided he has his music and beloved piano is always happy! And then there is the red headed girl – Charlie Brown’s unrequited love!

It really does not matter what the issue of the day is, or the problems encountered in love and play, the beloved Peanuts characters have all the answers,

This wonderful collection of the best of the best is guaranteed delight new and old fans, as they meet and make new friends or re-join old ones to enjoy the simply remarkable way Charlie Brown and his friends find their way through life.

So if you begin at A and work your way through to Z, your life may well be sorted out and if not, you will have had a lot of fun on the way through the pages.

Enjoy life, laughter and fun, Peanuts style!

Author Charles Schulz
Publisher A&U Canongate
ISBN 9781782116417
Released November 2015