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The Little Book of Lost Words

Language changes over the generations and centuries with so many wonderful, rich, and incredibly funny words, at least in the world of modern language, becoming obsolete or simply lost in the welter of new words, especially in the world of internet, mass abbreviations and changes of meaning.

But with Joe Gillard and his wonderfully funny, irreverent and quirky The Little Book of Lost Words, words that have long been discarded on the pile of ancient things, have still got influence, nuance even, and though dusty from lack of use, once rediscovered, along with the very cheeky illustrations served up with the modern vernacular of the word, make for some serious fun to be had, courtesy of the English language.

As the book begins at A as all good books on words should do, how many of you have had to Absquatulate or run off with someone in a hurry; to abscond from a situation not always of your making.

Water coolers at the office are often a place for Causerie, particularly when Doundrins are being planned or the issue of Fabulosity by a friend or workmate is under review!

Gardyloo has thankfully long gone from everyday use, but maybe, in the case of the modern explanation of this word, should be reintroduced and used as due warning after a heavy night out.

The world of politics can certainly benefit from the use of words such as Ninnyhammer, a perfect word for those who choose not to vote, or Mumpsimus, when the topic of climate change is discussed with politicians.

Have you recently been invited to partake of a Prandicle, or a Quafftide or are you someone whom is already living their Quaintrelle, a life full of passion, leisure and enjoyment?

Perhaps you know a Snool or an Ultracrepidarian or someone who will, whenever possible, indulge in Waggish behaviour, which has got absolutely nothing to do with WAGs. Or maybe it has!

Enjoy entering the world of colourful language, a place when upon reading these long-forgotten words, could see them Mayhap, finding a permanent place once again in modern language.

If you are a word nerd, a lover of history or simply enjoy a seriously quirky, irreverent read, this is the perfect book for you, or your friends, or your family, or anyone else who is Ramfeezled after a hard day and is need of a good laugh.

Author Joe Gillard
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760876852
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released Ocotber 2019