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The UFO Diaries

Funny, witty, charming and in some parts downright unbelievable Martin Plowman takes you on a madcap, and often challenging, trip along the road to chasing and researching extra-terrestrials.      Becoming addicted to UFO’s,  extra-terrestrial sighting and all things unexplained while doing a PhD, he finds himself in search of the truth about UFO’s: the myriad of sightings and the incredible, often frightening stories told by people believing they had been abducted by aliens, some for several hours and others for much longer period.

His searching takes him across the world to Peru, Mexico, Chile and places in between meeting people from all walks of life, in a vast array of situations.


Part travelogue, part memoir, and in part beautifully penned sketches of characters met on the road, the pages are packed with the unexpected: after all who is to say whether UFO’s, aliens and other unexplained occurrences are truth or fiction: What do you think!

AuthorMartin Plowman