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The Very Thirsty Vampire – a parody

Before we start this is definitely an adult book aimed at the section of the community that have a particularly warped sense of humour, enjoying the slightly black and very definitely ridiculous in life.

Meet one Vampire as he sets about deciding just what it is that he would like to drink. Mind you it is on the full moon, one Sunday night.

His thirst is enormous and there is simply nothing in his fridge to quench it with, therefore he decides to go on a field trip, sort of, and try to find the solution.

He heads off to the bar where he samples beer but of course this is too foamy and so the saga begins, loosely based about the children’s book The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar’

We meet a raft of characters who all try to help the Vampire but with no success. On Saturday he finally meets up with some of his other blood-sucking mates in order to try and find the solution.

This is a fun read and a fun romp through the difficulties of trying to get to a point but in reality going nowhere fast and will make a great gift for a Secret Santa moment or for someone who simply enjoys a good laugh at life and the peculiarities of people in general.

A great gift for giving.

AuthorMichael Teitelbaum. Ill: Jon Apple
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing