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The Wisdom of Woodstock

Of all the Peanuts characters Woodstock would have to be the quiet achiever of the group as without uttering one single word manages to communicate his completely unique way of looking at life, via is great friend Snoopy.

To describe his view on life is as simple as it is subtle, but somehow manages to achieve everything he wants: from getting a free flight on a football to enticing Snoopy to hang upside down in a tree while they play ‘bats”.

Reading War and Peace is an achievement by anyone but in his quiet way he manages to entice Snoopy to read it to him. However, Snoopy has his revenge by only reading one word a day which creates conflict in Woodstock’s world. Once again, without a word being spoken by Woodstock, Snoopy completely loses it, bawling out Woodstock for daring to tell him how to read the novel!

And so it goes with Woodstock’s unique take on the world around him and the people in it making you laugh. He is unique, outrageous, mischievous and a huge amount of fun. All the birds migrate except Woodstock as he is afraid of getting mugged along the way. Who would have thought!

But like most of us he sometimes tries to search for his true identity, bringing on a crisis when he almost, but not quite, discovers he is not an eagle.

If you are in need of a laugh, a stress break or keeping things in perspective take a peek into a copy of Woodstock’s wisdom, guaranteed to cheer you up immediately.

AuthorCharles M Schultz