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We have all seen it coming! That joke, that dreadful moment when Dad or for that matter someone else simply has to tell a joke that sends some in paroxysms of laughter and rest of us into a series of groans and embarrassment; Sound familiar, I should think so!

Well known DJ Pete Graham delights in creating some seriously ‘groaning’ jokes, on the basis that whatever it is that makes you laugh, or groan, it will bring a little levity to your day and smile to your dial, as you relish, store for another occasion, or duck his daily offering of a slice of ‘Dadsville’.

Before you start on this ‘informative’ collection, do understand the jokes are for ‘BIG’ kids, as in grown-up’s, who love a little ‘corn’ in their daily diet. As he posts a fresh joke from Dadsville daily there have been many pieces to choose from, and the five chapters, yes indeed, five chapters, offers much merriment and so very many more ‘Duh’, moments.

Beginning with Dadsville City Liimits, which does show the age, which therefor gives him the cred’s to be able to say and offer these jokes, he moves on to A Wise Dad, of course, followed by  The Kids Up The Road, which offers a wealth of material.  The Dadsville Pub, come next, where of course the world is scrutinised, sorted and lampooned, often all at the same time and also offers a vast reservoir of wonderful jokes to be had, finishing with of course, Oh Dad!

Like many jokes, couched within each one is a little dose of truth, which inspires and allows us to take a good, long and often overdue, laugh at ourselves. It is funny, non-critical, and non-judgemental, but so very often right on target.

 Welcome to Dadsville is a book which should be kept hidden away and brought out on those wonderful family and friends gathering, when a good laugh is recommended or alternatively, you simply want them all to go home!

Grab a copy and treat yourself to a jolly good laugh! You will feel better for the experience.

AuthorPete Graham
PublisherNew Holland Publishers
DistributorNew Holland Publishers
ReleasedDecember 2017