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Where the Wild Mums Are

Every Mum knows exactly how this Mum feels when she simply decides ENOUGH! She does not get dressed and storms off up the stairs when Dad says she is like a wild thing! She’s gone on strike!

Mum decides to retire to her bubble bath and the family can look after themselves for once.

She fills the bath with lovely hot water, adds the bubbles and sinks into paradise. As she slowly moves away from reality she seems to find herself on a  tropical Island and discovers there are already other ‘Wild Mums’ there, appearing to have great time of things.

She joins in and dances, juggles and laughs and has a jolly good time until she begins to get rather tired and emotional realising that she was far away and just knew she really was needed

So she says a smiling farewell to the other Mums who are forming up the Conga line, allowing herself to drift slowly back to her very own bathroom, where somehow, there just happens to be a cuppa on the chair next to the tub.

This lovely, slightly tongue-in-cheek words and pictures, highlights the fact that Mums can and do need to have a little time and space where they too can drift and dream and take a little time out!

Based loosely on the popular children’s story “Where The Wild Things Are” and wonderfully illustrated by Sholto Walker, it will bring a chuckle to all Mums as they totally relate to being a ‘wild Mum’, for just a little while.

Simply the perfect gift for your Mum, at any time of the year.

For every copy sold Faber & Faber will donate to Women and Children First, a Charity that works in some of the world’s poorest communities to try and stop mothers and babies dying needlessly.

Author Katie Blackburn and Sholto Walker
Publisher Faber
ISBN 9780571321513