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Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution

For many the two words Climate Change have been enough to have them blocking their ears and offering to all around them a huge, ‘what the……..’ moment.  In this very practical look at making change from an environmental perspective, Peter Kalmus would agree that those two words have been done to death by politicians, spin doctors, advertising mediums and many others.

But this man, who has a PhD in physics and is an atmospheric scientist at NASA, says that that in spite of the dire predictions forecast, there is hope for the future by merging science with practical applications which will create a way forward.

During 2006 he became a convert to the principal that ‘global warming’ was a reality, not a piece of fiction and set about attempting to discover ways to try to rectify, in some small way, this dire situation. As a scientist, during the course of his work, he realised that global warming, in many forms was definitely making changes in all aspects of human life and most importantly to the planet; changes that scientists had spoken of for some years, changes which had been discussed at the highest global levels, but without any lasting major effect.

In this book, written from a very personal perspective, he takes the reader through his journey to becoming not completely self-sufficient in his and his family’s lifestyle, but certainly changing his way of living; to cycling instead of driving the car, growing his own fruit and vegetables and so much more: and this from a man who had always lived in apartments and either caught public transport, or driven his car everywhere he or the family needed to go, purchasing their every need from chain stores and markets.

His core message, backed up with scientific evidence, which would indicate that in the not too distant future, there will be a massive need to be able to be self-sufficient, as the reliance on fossil fuels will, of necessity, need to decrease. He has, in his lifestyle change, managed to achieve this aim and in doing so has reduced his impact to ‘under a tenth of the US average, become happier in the process’ and discovered life has become ‘awesome’.

As discussed throughout the book, gradually the terrible havoc being caused by the lavish use of fossil fuels in every aspect of modern life is becoming very apparent and finally, after several decades of talking, scientist are being listened too, as the evidence of this practice is becoming undeniable.

Kalmus has stated over and over again in this work, that unfortunately much of the damage to the planet will not be able to be reversed in any significant manner, but by people taking on a collective responsibility for living their lives in a far more basic and in a sustainable manner, something everyone can do, that change will occur, little by little.

He is filled with optimism that people value their very existence and with the right incentives, the right information, will work towards a world, a lifestyle, that could be free of fossil fuels; that as fossil fuels dependence could be considered a drug of modern society, weaning away and becoming ‘clean’ is definitely possible and realistic.

Written from a scientific, spiritual and personal perspective, backed up by global research, along with undeniable facts and figures, this work will make you take stock, encourage the implementation of some small or large changes your lifestyle, offering or ushering in a fresh, new future that is filled with the things we have, as a society all but forgotten; a sense of community, a sense of well-being and a sense of mastery over our own destinations.

Anyone who is serious about changing their lifestyle permanently or even just a little should consider this work by Peter Kalmus as a guidebook, a mantra for change and a support for underpinning all the many reason why change is of immediate, almost dire, necessity.

AuthorPeter Kalmus
PublisherNew Society Publishers
DistributorNew South Books
ReleasedNovember 2017