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Getting There A Workbook for Growing Up

Getting There is a hybrid kind of book aimed at the twenty something marketplace, as a feel good, pick-me-up style of work that is inspirational; a book that was once known as a Diary, now a Journal, a place where various issues, thought and feelings a can be recorded with absolute safety.

A place where no matter what the issue, it can be written down, with you being the only person to be able to see and reread those often perfect, beautiful, tragic or torturous moments on life’s journey that at that time seem to be so overwhelming.

At twenty something life is still very experimental, raw, unformed to a great degree; the things that matter most, the image, the boyfriend or lack of one, work, study and culture, family and friends are all important, as will be eventually the writings made during these times in your life.

Mari Andrews shares her love of journaling in a zany, quirky manner, in a workbook, created to encourage a venture into creating your own pathway through life, seeing it as your opportunity to investigate in a very personal way, how you feel, what you truly want to achieve and what you truly desire looking forward.

There are a few guidelines set down to help get you started, some basic rules to guide you as to how often to journal, what to journal, but perhaps more importantly share, because this is your very own, very personal dose of honesty and reality, 101!

As a workbook it is a little ‘corny’ considering it is aimed at the twenty somethings and their angst, but as a place to start being honest and reflective of yourself, not too bad at all. There are some chuckles to be had along the way, some hearts to be filled and some lovely little pieces shared from her own journey and Journal, offering some lovely insights into why you Journal; which is generally to record ‘right now’ how you’re feeling or coping and then to be able to look back, to bring so many things into perspective from the safety of looking back, looking forward.

Each person has a unique journey to be undertaken and as Mari Andrews says, this is a book which ‘will help you unravel your unique twists and turns’ as you travel onward to becoming an adult!

Author Mari Andrew
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760875664
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released May 2019