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Girl’s Guide to Survival

Hidden behind the covers of this little book filled with household hints and tips is an entire world of things you want to know, wished you had known and for those who think they know it all, there are even some things to add to your knowledge base.

Basically, there is something here that will solve your entire cleaning, decorating, moving house, catering for more than one person, birthdays and even modern manners issues.

What you say! Modern manners! Well yes, manners like just about everything else, have undergone subtle changes and rather than make a total social ‘faux pas’, especially when out trying to impress, read up on the section Great Gatherings, as this will set you on the correct pathway to host ,or be a great guest at your next gathering.

How to cope with noisy neighbours, living alone or with roommates all come with their do’s and don’ts, therefor it is so very useful to be able to know the right way to go about things from the beginning, especially if you are moving out of home for the first time.

There is a great section on moving house which even if you have done it a number of times, like I have, there is always something you can learn to make things a little easier. There is one of the best ‘lists’ of details you need to change when shifting house, regardless of whether it is down the street or across the world, as well as a number of very helpful ideas to make that relocation so much easier.

Cost effective environmental cleaning solutions are detailed which will help save a lot of money and do a very good cleaning job.  Some simple and once again cost effective decorating ideas for that temporary ‘flat’, or longer term location such as student rentals, will look good and will cover a multiple of sins left behind by previous owners.

Also included is a section of basic first aid which is well worth reading and best of all, there is an excellent section on budgeting, which as we all know is so terribly important.

 Follow the budgeting information given very carefully and that way you will see where the money is going or has to go. With careful management you will even have enough left over to be able to sit back, have a bottle of wine, or in my case a beer because I am a bloke, every now and then, or treat yourself to the cocktail detailed on the last page as a well-earned reward for your efforts.  



AuthorSarah Johannsen
PublisherNew Holland Publishers