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Greatest Walks of the World

200 incredible hikes of a lifetime: amazing adventures and epic trails

Greatest Walks of the World is a stunning book. Visually the photos of each walk make you long to be there and the easy access to information makes it more desirable. The authors says that the book aims to,” Inspire dreams for your next great hiking adventure, “and it certainly does.

Some of the trails are suitable for short walks with family, while others cater for the most hardened hiker. As you weave your way along the paths, forewarnings are given for the nature of the terrain you will pass over.

The other fascinating information is the snippets of history about the region and references that are made about the local environment. Animal and plants are described briefly, as are views for you to see. There is also a mention of rock ages and glacial impacts in the area.

Reminders are given if you need a tidal chart when walking on the beach, or if you need to abide by rules when walking in grizzly bear country. Each walk is given a location, duration, difficulty, distance, map start to end and trail markings. There is also a suggestion of other walks of similar nature.

Each of the walks was chosen because they offer something unique and should be of great appeal for anyone interested in hiking. For the history lovers there is a walk from Delphi to Kirra, which is 4 km and classified as easy. The story of the oracle of Delphi is explained and instructions given to avoid the hordes of tourists as you find the beginning of your trail.

Moving from Greece to Turkey you can “Roam along the Roman roads,” while taking advantage of the splendid beaches. In Australia, Crater Lake walks in Tasmania are described as well as walks from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach.

  Beginning hikers to the very experienced walkers will find most of the information they need for a safe and happy trip. Others may sit and absorb the amazing scenes and dream a little. Greatest Walks of the World is a book of beauty.

Author Stuart Buttler & Mary Caperton Morton
Publisher Exisle Publishing
ISBN 9781922539779
Distributor Exisle Publishing
Released August 2023