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Hashtag Authentic Finding creativity and building a community on Instagram and beyond

Social Media is massive component of everyday life that is not going to go away any time soon. It can be one of life’s great joys, it can connect, inform and invite, but it can also, if used without care and consideration, lead to a world of confusion and embarrassment.

Because of the easy and accessibly relationship to the modern world, technology can also be a major benefit to creating a lucrative small business, as many an inspiring entrepreneur has discovered to their surprise.

Sara Tasker is one such entrepreneur who has used her love of photography, her lifestyle and skills to form what has developed into a phenomenally successful blog, @orla_and_me which has lead onto the delightful gentle and rich Hashtag Authentic, a guide to creativity and community building, using Instagram to offer tips, guidelines, storytelling and much more to help you begin your journey into successful ‘blogging’.

Divided into four parts, each with their own carefully structured information and photographs to illustrate the point being made, Sara looks at what is involved in simply keeping a journal of the precious moments in your life, pictures and information for sharing and those special, private moments for keeping just that, private, and how to know what to share.

In so many aspects of this work, you are on a personally guided workshop into creating and achieving whatever it is you require from Instagram, whether it be business success, personal archiving or reaching out to what can become a very special community of like-minded people, who also love to share and be a supportive part of your life.

Her work is beautiful with an inbuilt gentle, peaceful style, clever use of photography and a wonderful, warm storyline which immediately offers a welcome to her world.

Discussions on taking the right pictures, composition, use of the equipment/phone to achieve the right shots, understanding what you are trying to capture and so much more also make this the perfect book for beginner ‘bloggers’, established bloggers and anyone with an interest in photography.

Author Sara Tasker
Publisher White Lion Publishing/Quarto
ISBN 9781911127611
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released March 2019