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Heroes Next Door

News these days is generally about doom and gloom and the resultant heartbreak; drought, fires and Corid-19. Authors Samuel Johnson and Hilde Hinton were inspired by the stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives and by their belief in the magic of the human condition, to put together their book “”. It provides some balance to the pessimism, which pervades the world by highlighting the acts of kindness, bravery and goodwill by seemingly unremarkable people, who wish to improve the lives of others.

Initially, the writers made it their mission to seek out everyday heroes, whose wonderful acts of compassion had the ability to turn adversity into triumph. These were reported on social media. In due time they were encouraged to compile 40 of these stories into a book. Each story is told with insight, compassion and a degree of humour, which will touch the reader’s life. Some heroes highlighted have faced adversity, severe medical conditions, cancer or loss, while others have seen a gap in society which needed filling in order to improve the lives of others. All special, getting on with life generally without accolades or commendations, they are the people who demonstrate that the world isn’t only filled with disaster and calamity.

Readers who enjoy short human interest stories will find these stories both uplifting and inspirational. Every copy sold will contribute to Cancer Research.

Author Samuel Johnson and Hilde Hinton
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9780733646362
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released November 2020