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Home Is Where You Make It

Home Is Where You Make It is a truism as a well as being the title of the latest book from stylist, photographer and lifestyle guru Geneva Vanderzeil, as she guides the home owner or renter through the DIY steps to turn their house, room, flat or apartment into a space that becomes Home.

A firm believer in using what is available creatively, she has over her years of travel turned the space in which she was living into her home; a place which welcomed with love and warmth, rather than a space which was showroom perfect.

But how to achieve this warmth is altogether another thing, especially when you look at the books and magazines, along with certain website that encourage the newest, shiniest, perfect look. But do not be disheartened because, as she states, she firmly believes any space a can be made to look beautiful, perfect for you with a little bit of effort, fun and also cost effectively.

Over the years she has created a six-step process from ‘the ground up’ which is accompanied by DIY tips, along with some basic tricks of the trade so to speak, and the rest is up to you.

Kitchens are considered as the heart of the home; therefor serious attention needs to be given to space available for use, to ensure it is functional but has your personal stamp of warmth and welcome.

Walls are an ideal space to create more than an art gallery. When used well, this versatile space offers so much; from a place to hang your art or hat, a few shelves to help with storage issues, a mirror hung strategically to invite in more light, the choices are endless.

What to do with a tiny bedroom, bathroom, living area, are all issues which have solutions that can be creative with some careful planning, some guidance from Home Is Where You Make It and a little bit of DIY, enthusiasm and creativity. Designed as a guide book to make creating your home less complex, the resources page at the end of the book will also help guide you in the right direction for your budget.

Writing from experience of renovating homes, as well as renting and living in many different countries, Home Is Where You Make It really is the perfect guide to offering solutions, long and short term, to create your special place called Home.

AuthorGeneva Vanderzeil
PublisherMurdoch Books
DistributorMurdoch Books
ReleasedFebruary 2020