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Homeward Bound: Why Women are Embracing the New Domesticity

This is the modern version of a sea change; Homesteading; with only the movement of a person’s mindset not necessarily a physical shift, stay at home and expand your horizons! An echo of the 1950’s housewife with a modern spin or something more.. feminist.

It is more than the above? Is a “revolution” that new dreams are possible. However what is the cost of knowledge that paid work loses?

Brilliant, intelligent and successful career women (and men) turning their back on a “career” and redefining their prioritises is all well and good but where does this leave the Corporate world if enough of a critical mass are making this change?

It is re prioritising the family and home life and looking at ways that can work with your personal family dynamic, to live sustainably. What is so interesting about this book is the way the author presents all available information, part interview, part academic research, part devils advocate. Given she is a journalist the journalist “style” shines through and the book is the richer for it. The author appears to have presented a balanced account. The choices presented, like anything in life are not without short comings.

The book resonated with me as it lead to some interesting “navel gazing”. Is it just a trend or is it a movement? It is of interest to me as some of the things we like as a couple and now a family are the areas this books covers as the “new domesticity”. We have been involved in the Slow Food movement for many years, love making jams when we get the chance, have a few vegie patches which we work at with our parents.

But are we are a hybrid of this “label” as my husband and I also work part time and our eldest attends the local public school, we believe in breastfeeding as long as the child is willing, but they sleep in their own cot. I am part of a baking club so connecting with liked minded folk.

The book no doubt provides food for thought and there is no one clear “way” of living your life.

You and your family have to make the choices that fit your family. What is it we value….And can you, or do you “want it all”

AuthorEmily Matchar
PublisherSimon & Schuster