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Let’s Go Camping

Going camping means so much to so many –the wild outdoors, a peaceful stream, roughing it in the outback or simply taking time out, putting up the tent and setting up the cook stove. Boil the billy for tea and relax under the stars, but so very often the fickle weather fails to live up to expectation.

But not when Kate Bruning gets an idea into her very crafty mind; going camping immediately takes the shape of a miniature outdoor adventure in your very own home, backyard, dolls house or treehouse, without traveling one small kilometre.

How you ask, how indeed can you do this and so cost effectively as well.

Simply gather up your requirements, in this case replace tent and sleeping bags with crochet hook, embroidery needles and cottons and simply follow the instructions.

As with all things Kate Bruning the instructions are easy to follow, the cost very effective and the finished product, so very cute.

By crocheting your very own adventure you can add what you like to the outing. Camping in the bush, add an ice-cream van and a there you go, right on time and exactly when you felt like a nice refreshing gelato or two. Want a change of location, add a river or stream, a small jetty, a couple of a canoes and a picnic basket and there you are; location perfect, company fantastic, food simply divine and no flies to be seen.

Hitch up the caravan and off you go to wherever your imagination takes you, put out the chairs and enjoy a lovely cool drink or cuppa on arrival, at absolutely no expense.

For crafters and people who enjoy a challenge or simply love to create something that unique and is only limited by your imagination, or have little girls who delight in dolls houses and love miniature worlds, this is the perfect way to win their hearts for all time.

Designed with beginners in mind, anyone with a bit of time on their hands, needs a challenge during school holidays or simply loves the art of creating, will totally enjoy the unique, intricate art of creating their own snow clad mountain or paddle streamer and let us not forget a flowerpot full of endlessly blooming flowers to brighten up the campsite.


AuthorKate Bruning
PublisherKyle Cathie