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Love x Style x Life

This is a book about STYLE; that illusive thing that we all strive to achieve and yet can be so fleeting or simply on the never, never going to get there plan. But with well-known fashionista and blogger Garance Dore letting out her secret to success, and yes, STYLE, we can all benefit from taking a good look at the simple things that do add up to that classy little thing called STYLE.

Born on Corsica and raised in a family that believed in hard work and making the most of opportunities, Garance grew up to be a child who sort of thought she knew her own mind. Always conscious of her mother’s sense of style, inherited from her mother, she realised that it simply did not matter how much or how little you spent on your clothing, it was how you wore the finished articles that made the difference.

A simple scarf, a remade dress or coat, a recycled bag, all used with care, can add that little bit of pizazz to an outfit.

In her bubbly, comfortable manner she offers her tips on life, living and dressing. You feel like you have just sat down with your best friend over a coffee somewhere in the world, to have a discussion about life, love and all the other bits and pieces that make enjoyable chatter.

As a successful woman, Dore talks about the pathway she has trodden to get to where she is today. As a Uni student she lost the road she was supposed to be traveling, going off in whatever direction was the fad at the time, in her twenties she though this, her thirties, that and dressed accordingly.

Now as a successful woman she reflects back over the past twenty years, offering her tips and wisdom learned the hard way. By trying and failing over and over again, but always being honest about where she was at and what made the difference, she is now an illustrator, photographer and writer on fashion and style.

She talks frankly and enjoyably about her life as a young student setting out on the pathways to adulthood, the breaks and opportunities she eventually learned to grab with both hands, the people she has met and who have offered advice and help along the way, and the love of her life, a man met at a fashion show, a name in his area of fashion photography.

Whatever you think about fashion, about style, about life, you will enjoy this very, very French, very entertaining and light-hearted look at what makes the world go round, particularly in relation to developing your own style and following your dream, picking yourself up and dusting off after each lesson learned wherever it may take you.

Author Garance Dore
Publisher Simon & Schuster UK
ISBN 978-1-47114-945-0