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Performance and Purpose in Dying and Death

It is said and never a truer word ever was spoken, than from the moment of birth we as humans are already facing the ultimate journeys ending; that of death or dying. For some, this comes earlier than others, with many living a very, very long life. This then begs the question why is it that we are so afraid of death if it is already a foregone conclusion.

CK Hogan has in Performance and Purpose in Death and Dying, taken this subject matter and looks at the process of dying and death from a very broad perspective, in the desire to remove some of the fear and denial that surrounds the only surety in life.

No one medium more than another has been used to establish the various areas of discussion ranging widely from Buddhism, psychology, science, spiritualism, philosophy, fear and denial.

Near Death Experience, which is fascinating in extreme, as it can possibly show a small sliver of what comes next after death, is discussed in detail. Hogan also looks at the teachings of the Church and faiths in regard to prayer, faith, enlightenment, forgiveness and ‘the possibility of God’, all areas of strong belief and what it all means in relation to Death.

Hogan’s thoughts, findings and concepts are backed up with many, many quotes from such people as Eckhart Tolle, Aldous Huxley, excerpts from Andrew Holeck’s Preparing to Die, (2013) which is fascinating in its concept, with Emily Bronte offering her thoughts on death in the poem, No Coward Soul Is Mine.

Climate Change is also investigated, as it is considered this massive event is creating a spiritual emergency for humans, as they are having finally to reconsider their place in the wider concept of environment. We are in so many aspects of life, being forced to look at the serious issue that we (humans) are the highest evolved species in the animal kingdom, whether we like it or not; by refusing to accept this basic tenant, we are destroying our habitat, our world and in doing so bringing forward fears and the specter of death and dying.

This profound statement “The secret of life is to die before you die and find that there is no death.”,  from Eckhart Tolle encapsulates all there is to consider and accept and is in so many ways the underpinning tenant of The Purpose of Death and Dying.

Fascinating reading is to be discovered, challenging concepts, fresh perspectives and a better understanding of the final performance or role eventually faced by each one of us, is contained within The Purpose of Death and Dying.

Author CK Hogan
Publisher Free Association Books
ISBN 9781911383741
Distributor Netgalley
Released December 2022