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So What Does It All Mean?: The Secrets of Life: From Big Bang to Trump

The final book the fascinating series The Secrets of Life: So What Does It All Mean in many ways presents elements of this massive work in a far from conclusive style, as O’Connor recaps much of the previous three books, in order to present what he considers is a pretty good forward projection as to where our world is headed.

Inspite of our best efforts, he does not consider we are in for the Big Bang, but that we as an ever evolving species are moving towards the next phase of what could be considered, ‘this comes next’. Perhaps as he suggests all this turmoil is indicative of slowly moving towards a more Community based world which is more tolerant, kinder and less dependent on the “Big Man” telling the world what he wants to achieve.

Although many of O’Connor’s theories seem to be a bit light and fanciful, the reality is that we are still a series of organisms wandering about, reforming to absorb the many facets of an ever changing world. This has been proven to be a slow but steady process, in some cases very slow, which has over the past 200 years, speed up to a pace which may not be sustainable in its present form.

As with all of the previous books there is much to ponder over again, a considerable amount that challenges the very basis of entrenched beliefs and a massive amount which, when given serious thought, makes absolute sense.

The future as O’Connor presents it, is a place that is exciting, involving many differing drivers to times past, as history will attribute too, but looking back over the past 50 years, life has changed, which is an undeniable fact.

So What Does It All Mean is in essence a very positive view of the future of the world: a world many of us will not live to see, but in our own small way will have contributed to, in one way or another. But as always, time and only time, holds the answer and until then much of what has been theorised upon and researched will make for many excellent debates.

Author SS O'Connor
Publisher Otium Press
ISBN 9781739155933
Director Booktopia
Released May 2023