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Tea & Honesty

Heartfelt conversations. Lessons learned. Stories shared.

Jules Sebastian in her first book Tea and Honesty describes herself as a quiet shy child, who grew up in a loving family who were regular church goers. Church was where she met her future husband Guy, whose family began attending the same church when Guy was twelve. What began as friendship blossomed into love and they married in 2008.

Guy won Australian Idol in 2003 which catapulted Jules, reluctantly into the public eye. Jules admits she struggled at first with the public perception; however she has emerged as an intelligent, caring young woman with empathy for her fellow human being. Jules has transformed into wife, mother, philanthropist, stylist, public speaker, an interviewer with her own program and now author.

Tea and Honesty is part biographical and a big part insightful information on living our lives to the fullest, helpful advice from those well known and not so well known whom she has interviewed, always beginning the interview with a cup of tea, the universal conversation starter. Jules adds her own life experiences to the book with candour and vulnerability laced with her trademark warmth and humour: and most definitely honesty.

 A user friendly book, you can read from cover to cover or as a self-help book to help with the daily trials of living when we encounter grief, passion, fear and guilt: just some of the subjects she covers so beautifully with her chatty narrative.

 Tea and Honesty could be considered as a good friend as I imagine Jules would be, as you enjoy a little peek into the busy and productive life of Jules Sebastian.

Remember as Jules says be kind, always be kind.

Author Jules Sebastian
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781760525767
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released March 2021