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The Freedom Formula Live More, Work Less and Leave a Legacy with Property

‘Money is not everything but it ranks right up there with oxygen’ is a quote from Zig Zeigler and underwrites two of the basic tenants of life, which Bushy Martin has expounded upon, with his tried and true formula for generation of wealth to achieve what is often seen as only a dream for many; that of a secure, healthy, work life balance.

Over the past twenty years Bushy Martin and wife Sonya have developed a program that will allow you, the time poor, stressed to the max professional, to reap the rewards of careful investing, good growth strategies and be able to enjoy ‘living the dream’ for real.

Written in three parts The Freedom Formula begins with Get Invested, the abbreviated version of The Freedom Formula Parts II and III. Get Invested asks all the hard questions, sets the challenges and makes you think ‘is this for you’ and ‘am I brave enough to pick up the gauntlet’, feel the fear of the unknown, follow a proven strategy and succeed, and if not, you are asked to pass on the books to someone who will value and accept the advice contained within.

It is also as previously said, the shortcut for those who have dabbled a little with investment, but need to clear a pathway through to bigger and better strategies. The main book The Freedom Formula Part II and III contains the entire strategy for those seriously thinking about or ready to look further than the annual salary and a maybe a pension when they retire.

The Freedom Formula is unashamedly aimed at the professional who can see that what is going on in their life is anything but good, is searching for a better way forward, but feels that there is not enough time in the week to do anything about thinking further than the next meeting, project or family crisis. Bushy Martin offers that once the initial work is undertaken, and by working with a team of talented property professionals, and the formula for success is established, a far better lifestyle is there for the taking.

Based on his own and his family’s experiences, and a reality check when he found himself, homeless, broke, divorced and depressed, his unique approach to property investment for the long haul will ensure that your future is what you want to make of it, and that the life balance required can be achieved.

Set out in clear, easy to follow and understand sections, the strategy can be applied to many aspects of life, as it is based on the fundamental questions, ‘what do I want out of life’ and ‘how much am I prepared to do to achieve my goals/dreams/ passions?’

At no stage does Bushy Martin advocate the get rich quick philosophy, rather the staider, if you like, well thought through approach to long term investment and therefor long-term gain; one that will hold fast well into old age and beyond, which many may see as a hare and tortoise scenario, but as the fable does tell, the slow, steady approach won out at the end of the race.

By the end of the books you will have a far better understanding of investing for the long haul, property strategies and market cycles, how, when and why to invest, who to seek out when developing your ‘team’ and importantly, much more about you and your visions and goals.

If you are truly desirous of changing your lifestyle to one that will see the generation of wealth, offer a richer, in all contexts, and far more relaxed lifestyle, give you a sense of freedom and security The Freedom Formula is one that should be explored, considered, activated and enjoyed.

Author Bushy Martin
Publisher KH Group
ISBN 9781925648218
Distributor KH Group
Released 2018