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The Journal Writer’s Companion

Journaling goes back centuries, to a time when only the wealthy of society who has some modicum of education began writing down things of interest in their day. Recipes, thoughts, a text from the Bible a piece of poetry, comments on the events taking place around them, list of goods to purchase and so much more. These journals became treasured possessions, being handed down from Mother to daughter or daughter-in-law, added to over the years and eventually containing the essential ingredients for a successful household and home as well as a social history of immense value.

Journaling has over time become less important in a daily life and social history context, but is still carried out by many who find that creating their journal brings with it a sense of peace, accomplishment and often a clarity of mind. Those who have journaled from a young age often find that looking back helps with moving on when times are often challenging and difficulty.

As a young teen Alyss Thomas began her first journal. Inspired, she simply wrote down whatever appealed to her; details of her life as it was being lived, without thought, form, direction or shape, but always with a sense of excitement about commencing a fresh new page, a fresh new day in her life.

As she matured so to did her journals, as she wrote down in a far more structed style random thoughts, quirky ideas and so much more as while society may judge you on your original, if not definitely often left of centre ideas and thoughts, your journal will not, offering a safe haven for those often insanely private moments with ones self.

But, and as both time and research reveals, journaling can be so much more and is so much more, as it helps you discover who you really are and what your passions may be; It helps with goal setting, sorting through emotion, creating structure in a world gone mad, making a note to self or simply letting off steam and in so many ways healing.

It has also become apparent that being a little organised, having some structure to what you are busy Journaling and a clarity of purpose is also very important, as when looking back, it certainly helps to be easily able to find those vitally important notes, or pictures, added, long ago.

Thomas, in The Journal Writers Companion begins at the beginning by presenting a very clear outline of Journaling and then moves on to set out the joy and healing to be discovered once you enter into the world of journaling with you, not someone else, as the centre of attention, the main and only focus for spending the time to share with yourself your ideas, thoughts and the world in which you live.

Beautifully created and presented, this Companion will soon, after your journal, become your next best friend, as Alyss Thomas’ words and support help guide you into world you have yet to explore, courtesy of the very first page in your beautiful new journal.


Author Alyss Thomas, MSc
Publisher Exile Publishing
ISBN 9781925820041
Distributor Exile Publising
Released October 2019