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Three Birds Renovations 400+ renovation and styling secrets revealed

Property renovation is an undertaking that could be considered as the latest ‘fad’ in the world of property and a possible a way to increase the value of your home by making a few changes; modernizing the outdated décor and then either selling on at a profit, or enjoying the lovely new home you have created with just a bit of paint and hard work.

But successful property renovation consists of just a bit more than a lick of paint, taking down a wall or two or changing the bathroom, all of which does cost money and all of which, if it is not planned well, costed out and undertaken with an eye to detail, can end in a gigantic, costly, mess.

Three Birds, aka Erin, Bonnie and Lana have managed the transition from successful careers to becoming successful property renovators, with a flair and passion that has seen them become a household word for many who are seriously considering home renovation.

But as they point out over and over again in this fantastic ‘how to’ look at renovating, it all come down to planning, costing and then more planning and costing, keeping a very careful eye on the real estate market in your area and the budget, before committing to a fresh new look for your home, or investment property.

Over the nine chapters of the book they take a journey through the different styles of homes they have renovated as a team. Beginning with their first and perhaps most emotional renovation in chapter one, that of A cottage with a modern twist through to The Luxe entertainer and wrapping the line-up beautifully with the Modern Coastal Barn; all very different, all presenting their own challenges and all ending up in a profit for the team.

Throughout the chapters they share their design ideas, problem solutions and so very many helpful tips and touches that there is something in the pages for everyone to enjoy. If you are considering property renovation for profit or simply with a view to freshen up a room or two in your own home, there are more than 400 reno tips to help inspire or offer a way forward.

The glorious colour photos of each of the projects offer many visual choices, the ‘Flip Tips’ help to make wise choices considerably easier, as does all the very down to earth information offered.

For anyone who is into decorating their home, loves to be inspired or is looking to a far bigger project than just a fresh paint of the house, Threebirds Renovations will become one book that is never far from where you are working out your next project.

AuthorErin Cayless, Bonnie Hindmarsh and Lana Taylor
PublisherMurdoch Books
DistributorMurdoch Books
ReleasedApril 2019