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Gun Control – Cliff Hardy 40

Cliff Hardy is doing his best to lead an easy life as a PI but when businessman Timothy Greenhill turns up in his office wanting answers to his sons ‘suicide’, Hardy reluctantly takes on the job.

Once he starts turning over the known facts of Patrick Greenhills death, far too many co-incidences begin to appear that add up to far more than the suicide of a young man who struggled with life issues.

When the Sydney Gun Control Unit (GCU) come knocking at his door and confiscate his gun on a legal technicality, Hardy starts to wonder just what he has become embroiled in once again and what amount of danger has come knocking at his door.

As the strands begin to unravel it becomes apparent that Timothy Greenhall has a deeper and wider background that he first admitted too, Greenhall junior had friends on the dark side of the law, and that a deeply disturbing component of the GCU is once again coming out in the open, which all adds up to conspiracy; but what and who is involved.

Two more murders will be committed before Hardy is able to set about discovering just who is doing the killing. When he finally pins down the murderer, only to discover it is one of the Polices own, he realises that to make things right, he may have to place a friendship of years standing on the line.

With the help of some unlikely back-up, a dedicated Policewoman out to settle a score, the return of a former GCU undercover operative and a lawyer who is concocted to both the bikies and the police, Hardy puts his life on the line to right a decades old wrong.

Once again a fast moving, enjoyable chase through the darker side of life as Peter Corris reveals an aspect of society best kept under the covers.

Author Peter Corris
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760112066