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This is definitely not one for the faint hearted, but for those who love a little meat in their story, pardon the pun, of which you will soon begin to understand.

Timothy Blake is considered a genius at solving unsolvable crimes and when a 14 year old boy goes missing and is held for ransom, with a time line that is impossible to achieve, the FBI go straight to Blake to find the solution.

The trouble with Blake is he has a dark, dark secret which will require him to confront his worst fears and have to reconsider his options as a member of the human race. Each time Blake solves a crime and gets his man he takes a life, but not in the manner expected, which makes this perverse storyline gripping reading.

The plot is well thought out, the characters all too real, leaving far too much for the imagination to create as Blake and his new partner, FBI Agent Thistle, set out to solve a crime in which Blake may simply have met his match.

The killer on the loose is far more ruthless than Timothy Blake, who is considered a psychopath, and is placing both Blake, at the point of being discovered and his partner, a woman he has begun to have ‘feelings’ over, in jeopardy.

Timothy Blake has been cast as a quite unassuming character that is perfectly happy with his lot in life, and when it all begins to look like coming undone, decides drastic measures need to be taken to safeguard not only himself, but others close to him.

Gripping, dark, serious noir reading for those who love to get to the basis of criminal undertakings, by an author who certainly knows how to create an excellent storyline based on good research and some serious imagination.

Please Note: this book is definitely not suitable for children but for Young Adults and above.

Author Jack Heath
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760297473
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released January 2018