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Here We Lie

This is indeed a compelling read, and certain to have you thinking…..just one more page. There is a death, doubt and uncertainty all the way through, and no one is without an ulterior motive it seems.

The story begins with Emily, the main character, and her new fiancé Jed. They decide to go on a holiday to celebrate their engagement and take his children. They meet up with Emily’s sister Rose, and her brother Martin and his partner, who owns a boat. A tragedy occurs with the death of a family member. As the shattered people return home, Jed’s ex-wife joins them and makes her hatred of Emily quite plain.

Emily discovers that there are dark secrets and illegal dealings in Jed’s family. She is sure the death was not accidental. Prompted by an ex-boyfriend, she boldly goes to the police. This causes great rage in the family, and she is warned not to meddle, or she will pay the price.  When our heroine is nearly pushed under a train, she realises that her life is in danger, and stops investigating the issue surrounding the earlier death.

One of the younger members of Jed’s family, a school girl, keeps a diary which is a sad and intimate look at her life, but the diary also reveals that she knows what the secret is that Emily is pursuing.

The diary pages are interspersed with the story and give an extra dimension to the characters and their movements.  It is a clever ploy to expand the understanding and twists in the plot, and there are many twists right up to the end.

Because of the swiftly moving plot, and the surprising revelations from the characters and the diary, the story holds the reader’s attention.  Emily is a risk taker, and, eventually, she finds the source of the illegal dealings.  Each family’s dynamics have changed permanently, some finding happiness, others ending relationships and some beginning new relationships.

AuthorSophie McKenzie
PublisherSimon & Schuster UK