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Reasonable (What Happened to Mia Davis?)

Mia is dead and her close group of friends can’t work out what happened. The Police believe it is suicide, her friends can’t see any reason why this has happened. Rachel McGowan, a friend but not a close friend of the group, believes that Mia has been murdered as nothing seems to add up.

In the riveting new thriller Reasonable, from debut author KT Carlisle the plot twists and turns mercilessly as the years pass and Catherine (Cat), a raging alcoholic is found covered in blood, a kitchen knife in her hand and friend of 30 years Elaine dead in her kitchen.

Cat has no memory of what happened other than an argument taking place between them but genuinely does not believe she has killed Elaine. As she sets out to prove her innocence, Rachel, still hunting to find Mia’s killer, believes there is a connection somewhere, but where.

Rachael, now a Detective, has devoted her life to discovering the truth, but so many good leads end nowhere. The death of Mia, followed by a series of ‘suicides’ which have occurred each year at the time of her death have kept her hunting for the truth. She does not believe they are coincidental as the girls are considered as ‘look-alikes’. She is convinced one of the group of friends could be the serial killer, but which one!

Fast paced, the flow of the narrative is captivating as, just when you think the killer has been discovered, the lead peters out. The many foibles of humanity have ben carefully and skilfully woven into the plot which gives authenticity to the characters and the deeply ingrained search for truth and justice within us all.

Anyone who loves a well-crafted murder mystery full of suspense will devour Reasonable in a few days even though a lengthy read, as the suspense is contagious, the ending leaving a serious question dangling: Who really did do it?

KT Carlisle has set a high standard with Reasonable that leaves the reader waiting with great anticipation for book two in this three book series.

Author KT Carlisle
Publisher Independently published
ISBN 979-8864107287
Distributor Amazon
Released October 2023