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A Ghost’s Story

The title of this story explains that this is not simply a ghost story, but a story told by a ghost. In a very cleverly woven tale, the ghost speaks to us directly, having his/her story added to by research notes, which have been gathered together by a collator.  These notes refer to the ghost’s activities, and have been carefully collated by a spiritual believer.

 The beginning of the ghost is beautifully described.

 “I am aware. Of light and dark. Of  shade. Of colour. Of cold and warmth.”  The spirit is telling us of a tale and moments to be remembered,  in case her consciousness comes to an end. There is a male and female side to this spirit, John King and Katie King. From typed sheets and older documents, the tale is woven between the living and the spirit world.

 Katie discovers a family who wish to communicate with the spirit world and she follows this family. At first they invoke her, but in order to liven things up a little, they introduce a “show” aspect to their séances.

 The two boys in the family become expert at hiding in a cupboard and inviting guests to tie their hands. The cupboard is closed and within seconds, the sound of musical instruments being played in the cupboard with them is heard. This act becomes so popular that the family travel overseas and perform for many a famous person. At times Katie helps out with the odd trick that fails, astounding both the audience and the performers.

 This story is told with accompanying notes which relate to the spirit’s story. At the end of her time, Katie manages to type up her thoughts and the collator makes notes that explain and clarify many issues. It is a clever weaving of a story and accompanying research, allowing the reader to move between the past and the present.  The imagination used to maintain this style and capture periods of time, is strong and believable.


Author Lorna Gibb
Publisher Granta
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released December 2015