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Angels guides and goosebumps : spiritual stories about manifesting the life you truly want

In this second book from Kawena she offers a wonderful perspective on the reality of Angles in everyday life, their purpose and the many cheeky, sneaky and inventive methods they have for letting you now they are there, a part of your life, watching over you and trying to keep you safe.

But who are these ‘beings’ and where do they come from are questions, often asked and pondered over, answered by Kawena as she shares a small part of her journey to help with the understanding and acceptance of   this additional aspect of your life; an aspect which has been present since birth, often ignored or treated as ‘just one of these things’, but becoming to be accepted as a very real component of your life on this earth.

The other point of interest raised and address is who are Angels and why do we always consider they have wings and if they don’t, when they do offer a helping hand, perhaps this is why we don’t recognise them in everyday life.

Kawena shares her first experience of her Angels ‘visitation’, a connection which had a profound effect on her life at a time when all was dark, desperate and in dire need of change. She had found herself in a place of supreme loneliness, trying to find a pathway forward through the reading of self-help books. In an attempt to ‘leave the planet’ she became aware of the love of the Angels letting her know ‘it wasn’t her time’.

A subsequent review of her life to that point bought forward a number of issues which need to be resolved and since then, and with the love and help of her Angels, Spirit guides and others, she has offered her knowledge and experience, Goosebumps and all, to help others understand what is happening in their lives.

Angels Guides and Goosebumps is written in a very comfortable and relaxed style that takes a clear look at Archangels, Affirmations, Colours, with a lovely Section is devoted to other people’s experiences, which offer different aspects of the Angels, their powerful and positive effects on so many diverse lives.

Concluding the book is The Final Word which encapsulates in two phrases the very essences of the book:

Work with your Angels and Guides by trusting God, your intuition and your sensory abilities. Expect no less than the best you can achieve; by doing your best.’

 ‘Create your own happiness and share your knowledge and talents with others.’

As Kawena says ‘If I Can Do It Anyone Can!’ so accept what is there freely given, enjoy your journey into love, trust, joy and understanding to a far more positive outlook and future.



Author Kawena (Gwen Gordon)
Publisher Global Publishing Group
ISBN 9781925288766
Distributor Global Publishing Group
Released 2017