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Auras (In Focus)

Auras are the essential you; who you are, what you are feeling and in simple terms, is the energy field that surrounds all living things.  Mystical and fascinating the study of Auras is intriguing, as with all things living the aura will change with emotion, positive and negative events and environment, which simply adds to the fascination of discovery. Many people are ‘sensitive’ to aura’s and find that with very little effort they can ‘see’ the energy fields surrounding people with ease, others  find that it is a learned skill, which can often need to be focused if required.

Joylina Goodings has written and excellent book in Auras (In Focus) for beginners, people who are simply intrigued with discovering what this mystical art is all about, or people who wish to develop a deeper understanding of the energy fields of the body.

Set out in clear language with excellent diagrams and colour plates, this could easily be considered as the essential guide to understanding what the Aura can tell us about our body, mind and soul, in beautiful or sometimes, not so beautiful colour. The colours of the Aura are those of a rainbow, which align with the chakra’s and are seen as layers which spread outward, often becoming more vibrant as they grow. By looking deeply at the seven layers, and with practice, much can be observed and understood about the energy flow of the life force or chi.

Although it is tempting to jump about within the book, it is best to begin at the beginning with this one, placing temptation far away, especially when it comes to Chapter 7, Aura Reading, where, in a very short space of time and by following the instructions, you can come up with what a simple aura reading can tell you, about you!

Helpful tips are also placed through the chapters to help with relaxation, understanding and maintaining good health practices, such as taking a walk or simply sitting somewhere peaceful and watching clouds go by when feeling stressed.

Having spent much time over the years trying to read Auras, first-hand information says it not as easy as it first appears and does take practice, understanding and relaxation to be able to develop the skill. But in the meantime, while practicing and reading, much fun can be discovered seeking and often finding your personal aura.

A wall chart has been included with the book which is very helpful as it clearly displays the seven layers, the basic facts and their corresponding colours.

Author Joylina Goodings
Publisher Quarto US Imprint: Wellfleet
ISBN 9781577152248
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released January 2021