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Being Mrs Smith: A very unorthodox love story

It is very simple really, when you get down to the very essence contained within this book: simple being the fact that this is a story that needs to be read by one and all; a story which will remain long after the final paragraph, the final words. It is a love story with a real difference.

Being Mrs Smith is a very personal telling of a time in life when Mrs Smith had to face up to the reality that all was changing and in a way that both she and Mr Smith had never considered.

This is a story about a relatively conventional couple, who had, over a number of years investigated alternative ways of living, dabbled about the edges of some and adopted other philosophies into their daily life. A couple who had come to know and love each other later in life and after both had already travelled different roads; Mrs Smith with her own children, Mr Smith with none of his own; they became a family and faced all the many issues family life brings.

Mr Smith was offered a position in Germany, a contract that would give the family financial security, help take some of the stress out of the life they had been leading, perhaps even be a huge step towards creating their happy ending, their happy ever after.

A routine medical required by the Company found some health issues of concern, but as the medical Doctors were unsure of exactly what was the problem, further tests were required. At this stage the Smiths were largely unconcerned, considering the entire thing a necessity, a means towards an end.

What they discovered was to change their lives in so many ways, all unexpected, all astonishing, all terrifying, all leading to a journey that would, in the end create an understanding of just what happiness, true happiness, is all about, a love that never ends, a wonderful silver thread that binds eternally.

A journey was began whi9ch was to take them through conventional medicine, to alternative medicine which led them to move away from their conventional lifestyle to Peru, where they set out on a pathway of discovery into shamanism, a cast of colourful characters, charlatans and true healers, let alone the truly basic lifestyle the encountered, which was there to add to the daily challenge of life and survival.

There first effort into the ayahuasca ceremony was memorable, and an event which was to become a relatively normal component of everyday life for several weeks. Eventually they found their way deep into the Amazon to a village of true healers in the Shipibo, a place where they immediately found themselves welcomed as family, a village that was to become the very link to survival, a place which taught them both about the never ending thread that binds; the true love that never dies.

The return back to the homeland where things are the same but different, familiar but changed and the welcome love of family brings this chapter in the life of Mrs Smith to another bend in the road, a new journey waiting to be discovered.

Not a long story, but one that will change your perspective, offer a different look at the issues in life we all need to face. By sharing this deeply emotional time in her life, Mrs Smith has offered hope and love to all in this, her loving tribute to Mr Smith, the man who showed her true happiness and love.

Author Cheryl Smith
Publisher John Hunt Publishing Ltd
ISBN 978-1-78535-088-7
Website htttp://
Distributor O Books
Released June 2015