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Bridge Jumping

Life is a leap of faith, a jump from a bridge railing.

She is walking over the bridge; he is standing on the rails getting ready to jump. She stops and talks to the young man who she believes is about to end his life; he jumps.

Poignant, thoughtful and fascinating Bridge Jumping tells the story of love, sorrow, regret, forgiveness and understanding through the diary of Paige Delainey, a young woman who considered herself a heretic, misfit and rebel over the course of what was to be her short life.

Gabriel, the young man who jumped off the bridge became the love of her life, was bequeathed her diary and charged with the final distribution of her ashes. Twelve friends, all of whom had known Paige over many years were to be given a vial and asked to distribute them how and when they were ready.

Somewhat unusual, Bridge Jumping looks at how one person is perceived by many, how they relate to that person as they each reflect on their friendship, their times together and how their lives interact with each other.

Each of the family and friends story and their relationship to Paige is slowly revealed, as they in turn reflect and make the decision to take their vial to where they believe is her final resting place; a place they consider is deeply personal or was, to them both.

Paige kept a diary, a journal, where she recorded her thoughts about her friends, her family and those that she loved dearly. These thoughts, beliefs and her understanding of their friendships and her sibling interaction is made known to the twelve people with intriguing results.

One very relevant aspect of this beautiful story is that acceptance creates healing, that personal beliefs can change and be understood, that relationships can be healed with time, understanding, acceptance and love.

Author Kathleen Ready Dayan
Publisher Collectiveink
ISBN 978-1-80341-352-5
Distributor Roundfire Books
Released November 2023