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Children of the light raising an extra-ordinary being

Written from a very personal perspective, Children of the Light offers a wonderful, cheerful and warm perspective of growing up in a life that was different, different from a perspective of extraordinary, meaning that life was for one reason or another not anything like the rules that govern what is considered as normal for your children.

Like many gifted and talented children, being born with a gift is challenging. Learning how to manage this gift takes time, love. understanding and hard work. Both Monique and Michael Morgan were born with the gift of sensitivity and the ability to be and live as light workers.

From a very tiny age they could communicate with spirits and as they grew older they were able to talk about regular visits by relatives who had passed over, prophetic dreams and visits from their spirits guides, Jesus, Mother Mary and Buddha, a strong and wonderful group of guides to look after and over both Monique, as she grew up and faced serious life and health issues, and then in time her brother Michael, who faced a similar challenge.

As Children of the Light they realised that they had been blessed by the parents they had chosen, who had always treated them with love, a firm belief in their ability and an understanding of their gifts. They also realised that many children born with gifts are not always so well understood, their parents struggling to choose the correct pathways to walk.

In what can be considered as a lovingly created ‘handbook’ Monique and Michael share some personal experiences, offer so many very excellent tips and choices to be considered in relation to their and other children’s higher vibration, issues that as they grow up, need to be understood and explained. The correct crystals to be used, a number of excellent of affirmations and meditations which can be used to support and keep safe and well balanced, extraordinary children, are all offered to help with their journey.

Beautiful affirmations, poetry and words of wonderfully wise wisdom are placed throughout the pages to make this ‘handbook’ a collection which will become an essential in the lives of extraordinary children and their parents.

‘Purpose cannot be chosen. Your soul chose its path before you were born. Your job is to listen to the soul’s desire. That is the true purpose.’ – Monique and Michael

Author Monique and Michael Morgan
Publisher Zeus Publications
ISBN 9780648278078
Distributor Children of the Light
Released 2018