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Clues From Beyond: True Crime Stories from Australia’s #1 Psychic Detective

Murder and disappearances occur on a daily basis. Some never reported and many reported but with little or no end results.

How do the Police, when all else fails go about moving on, eventually looking into the issue as a cold case and occasionally being able to deliver a result to the families who, although they continue on with their lives, are  always are left wondering.

Debbie Malone, a highly respected psychic and medium opens the door to one of several ways Police choose to use with their enquiries when many of the rational methods have failed; that of using psychic abilities to try and piece together what happened.

Malone’s exceptional gift is not something she sought, but was something that became a seriously difficult component of her life after she faced some horrific health issues more than 24 years ago.

Visions she had managed to shut out as a child came back in the form of people being ‘shot, stabbed, strangled, bashed, raped and set alight’ which caused her considerable distress and anguish until she learned to understand what it was that was being conveyed and to work with the information imparted.

Throughout the stories that make up the book, Malone is very careful to state that she in no way ‘solves crimes’ simply assists, as and when required, the Police to follow up on information to add another, often clarifying layer to the investigation.

Over the years she has worked with sceptics, non-believers as well as people with open minds and reflects that often the most sceptical become believers and friends, but at all times considers she is blessed to be able to help many of the families still seeking and waiting for answers, a little further along their journey.

In the sad and tragic case of six year old Keisha Abrahams’ disappearance, her input helped bring the perpetrators to court. This came about by relatives of the child coming for a reading, wanting to try and find out a little more, if it was at all possible.

Who Shot Shane Barker is still a mystery and although Malone has worked on this cold case with Police for some time, the final piece of the puzzle is still missing

As with each of the cases Debbie Malone works on, and even though she experiences the trauma the victims have experienced, she considers her role as a privilege. As she says ‘all of the people in the book want you to now they were ordinary people, just like you and me (sic)……”

Author Debbie Malone
Publisher Rockpool Publishing
ISBN 978-1-925429-47-3
Distributor Rockpool Publishing
Released May 2017