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Cosmic Crystals Rituals and Meditations for Connecting With Lunar Energy

Cosmic Crystals is a beautifully presented book wrapped around the power of combining crystals and lunar energy for healing, creating sacred space and meditation, along with a host of other alternate healing modalities.

Created by Ashley Leavy, a practitioner and trainer for crystal healing, she lovingly shares her knowledge gained over many years working within the healing modalities. Set in the northern hemisphere in so far and the Lunar cycles and connection to the seasonal and nature are concerned, it is a simple matter for those in the southern hemisphere to simply reverse the chapters as required.

Lunar energy is an energy that is, when used correctly, a very powerful force, but in so many ways the rhythms of this amazing energy are still not comprehensively understood.

Reaching out, Leavy not only presents a course in understanding lunar and crystal energies, she also offers a far better understanding how to utilise these forces for greater healing and alignment with universal energy.

Each section is comprehensively laid out and beautifully illustrated with stunning photography, which sets the tone of the book throughout. A good, clear use of language allows beginners in the art of healing to understand the often-complex aspects of any form of energy healing, particularly when the combination of Luna and crystal energies are being combined. Both are powerful in their own perfection therefore should be well understood before attempting to harness both for the greater good.

The huge amount of information contained within the pages is almost overwhelming when attempting to read the book cover to cover, therefor, and as discovered, chapter by chapter is the best way forward, as it will also enhance the learning and understanding presented.

Ashely Leavy offers, at the commencement of the book a little of her personal journey, and a ‘how to’ guide. Chapter One commences the journey with a how, why, where and what of crystals and lunar energy, and also includes a little information on what is to follow.

Cosmic Crystals is definitely a must have for any journeyman or woman interested in healing modalities and a must read, for anyone just beginning to investigate the power of healing, through meditation and universal energy.

AuthorAshley Leavy
PublisherQuarto US Imprint: Fair Winds Press
DistributorMurdoch Books
ReleasedSeptember 2019