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Crystal Prescriptions volume 7 The A-Z Guide to Creating Crystal Essences for Abundant Well-Being, Environmental Healing and Astral Magic.

Over the years since Judy Hall began the Crystal Prescription series, the immense amount of information made available on so many aspects of healing, should be considered as a gift to mankind but also assures that the immense knowledge Hall has amassed during the course of her lifetime, is recorded and able to be used by many future generations.

As with all of Judy Hall’s previous books on Crystals, this latest edition and volume 7 in the series Crystal Prescriptions, is a master class on yet another aspect in the uses for and of Crystals in healing and astral-medicine.

A glowing Forward from David Eastoe of Petaltone Essences, who when first developing his business in the early ‘90’s, a business based on working with plant and flower essences to effect change, sought out Judy Hall to request she tested his latest samples to see if there was any potential use in his latest ‘discovery’.

He needed input from someone who really knew what they were talking about in regard to the crystal aspect of his research and so a long-term relationship based on healing and vibration, that is still in place today, was born.

Judy Hall introduced Eastoe to the fine and delicate art of working with Crystal Essences to nourish the soul, help heal the body, the psyche and also the environment. The use of Crystal Essences is time old, being used in healing and for assisting in astral-travel since time began.

As the book unfolds, the fascination of understanding and working with Crystals is all encompassing, uncovering layer upon layer of fact, history, uses down through the ages, modern day uses and their immensely healing capabilities.

Absolutely every aspect of working with, not just crystals, but the spiritual realm, when using crystals, is discussed in the first five parts of the book, beginning with what is a crystal essence, moving thought choosing crystals, creating your own essences suitable for chakra and auric use, astrology and astral-magic essences and much more.

Part Six deals with the specific crystal essences and is set out in an easy to use A-Z dictionary, as well divided into smaller segments with the A-Z framework, such as Abundance, Personal Protection, Stress and PTSD, young person’s essence and more.

An excellent Resources section is conveniently place at the end of the book, in case further information is required. As already said, a masterclass in discovering, mastering and creating healing, with the use of crystal essences for abundant well-being, environmental healing and astral-magic, is captured in the covers of this intriguing and fascinating book, making it the prefect vehicle for anyone wishing to delve further into the healing arts, based on the use of crystals.


AuthorJudy Hall
PublisherJohn Hunt Publishing
ReleasedSeptember 2019