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Crystals A complete guide to crystals and color healing

Perfect for the person who is interested in Crystals for healing, or simply as an identifier of various beautiful stones, Jennie Harding’s latest book Crystals will make understanding but more importantly, identifying stones simple and easy.

Drawing on her knowledge gained over more than twenty-five years as a healer working with various modalities, Harding has created a well thought out and constructed reference book, which as it is colour coded, simplifies the task of discovering the names and properties of more than 100 crystals in daily use.

Brightly coloured stones or crystals have held massive fascination down the centuries, being endowed with, in many cases, powerful magic, healing properties, with their uses for adornment being legendary. They are also a simple and yet beautiful way to instantly connect with the earth, with their fascination still as popular today as it was centuries ago.

Jennie Harding sets out to educate from the beginning of the book, with a very informative chapter on Colour and the importance of colour in everyday life, the effects it can have on the body, mind and spirit.

In an excellent chapter, The World of Crystals, looks at how crystals are formed, the different structures, forms and the reasons why these precious objects need to be treated with respect, before getting into the various colour codes and specifics of the gems being researched.

Towards the end of the book there is a section Crystals in Your Life, which goes on to explain how to use the crystals, how best to utilise their energy in your home, in healing, or when wearing as a simple piece of jewellery, and so very much more.

For the novice or avid collector of these beautiful gems, Crystals, with its stunning images, clearly showing the gems, their colours and individuality, along with a well presented set out history and structure, makes this the perfect reference book for collectors, practitioners or anyone who simply enjoys collecting small, elegant stones of great beauty.


Author Jennie Harding
Publisher Quarto UK/Ivy Press
ISBN 9781782407690
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released October 2019