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Dying to Wake Up

A Near Death Experience is life transforming event, seldom truly believed by the listener, but totally believed by the person who underwent the experience.

When a medical man, an anaesthetist, faces his own morality as he about to undergo surgery for severe abdominal infection, he realises the end result may not be a good one, but places his faith in the team about to undertake the surgery.

During the surgery, Rajiv Parti found himself floating above the medical team, listening to an off-coloured joke being told by the Anaesthetist, then realising that was him, lying there on the table.

He found himself beginning to move through space but felt strangely very comfortable with the situation he found himself having to cope with: that of being somewhere else, somewhere very different to the operating room. He was then taken on a journey where he was shown both heaven and hell, meeting up with the Archangel’s Michael and Raphael, being re-united with his father, as he looked into what could only have been Hell. Then when things could not get any more amazing or astonishing, he was introduced to a Being of Light, a being so powerful that this encounter would change the rest of his life.

While he was on this journey he was given very clear instructions as to his future, and how he was to go about making the changes in his life required to undertake the tasks he had been handed, that of creating a clinic based on conscious-based healing, to go out and help to spread the word about universal love, Christ-consciousness, through this healing process.

Learning to accept what the Divine ones had told him, ‘If you keep your consciousness clear and be truthful to yourself, the Universe and the Divine will take care of you,’ was a giant leap of faith and one that he was to question often in the weeks and months to come.

This is a powerful memoir of life and death, of what comes next in life and the effect it can have on changing life direction.

Raj Parti has told his story from a basis of complete truth as he has examined his previous lifestyle, struggled to understand the generational violence and high expectation he had placed on him and then he placed on his son in turn. He struggled to let go of the lifestyle, the house, the cars, and the location, he and his wife had created.

Moving into Divine consciousness to this extent is not for all who experience a Near Death Experience, but reading this beautifully told story of one man’s experience, how it changed not just his life, but those around him is inspirational, thought provoking and encourages considering changes in your own life in order to live a better and more fulfilling life.

What comes after this is a very personal journey, yet to be discovered, but it is also an understated note to self to make the very best of the time and life you are given, to set about spreading the universal love that is Christ-consciousness.

Author Dr Rajiv Parti and Paul Perry
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781925267037
Website http:/
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released September 2016