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Equilibrium: Spirituality for Everyday People

Life doesn’t always provide us with a smooth ride. When Jo Worsfold, found herself battling chronic illness and struggling to put the past into some sort of perspective, she decided to look for a new start and a more meaningful life style. In 2015, she discovered the world of energy healing and her innate ability as an intuitive healer; she has continued to explore and develop this skill. Wishing to share her knowledge and spiritual awakening with others, she has written ‘Equilibrium: Spirituality for Everyday People’; a book with an abundance of practical advice and anecdotal accounts.

The author encourages the reader to go on a journey of self-discovery in order to bring more happiness in her/his life. By emphasising belief in self and of taking charge of one’s life, she highlights the importance of being kind to one’s self and of love. She encourages the reader to seek support when needed and not to become downcast by the bumps in the road, the tough times and thus letting go of the past as these are the times when the most valuable lessons can be learned. Miracles do happen; it’s all a matter of believing and staying hopeful.

Jo bestows the reader with practical advice on ways to find a good life balance between rest and exercise, work and play, giving and receiving. She has also devoted a chapter to a wide variety of self-care suggestions which include hypnotherapy, autosuggestion, and a variety of massage therapies. The final chapter of ‘Helpful Resources’ will allow the reader to expand her/his understanding of learning about energy and Spirit and other-worldly concepts.

If you are looking for change in your life and don’t know where to start, look no further than this book.

Author Jo Worsfold
Publisher Reiki Star/JPW Publishing
Distributor Reiki Star Launceston
Released October 2020