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Fairy Sparkles: My Journey With Angels, Fairies, Nature and Spiritual Enlightenment.

In these very challenging times in which we all find ourselves having to rethink how we go about living our lives; there are many people who look for answers to what seem to be unanswerable questions, make changes in their lives they have wanted to make for some time. They simply need to feel that there is something else there for them and do notice that at times, a helping hand is available or a calming presence is felt in their journey of self-discovery.

Sarah Rajkotwala has in Fairy Sparkles her follow on from The Year of Talking to Plants, offered an alternative way to look at what is there for everyone to discover in the psychic world.  For many people discovering the psychic element in us all and becoming comfortable with this extra dimension takes some doing, but with many, as it was in her case, this unfolding comes gradually, but is no less important for talking time to make its presence felt in everyday life.

With Fairy Sparkles, she draws on her personal journey and discoveries to provide a handbook to help begin your own journey of discovery; a journey that will help you create and understand the many small and large miracles that are part of everyday life, how to recognise them and use them to create a greater good for yourself and those around you.

One of the many lovely segments discusses the beauty of rainbows, how they not only fill you with joy and hope when seen but also the importance of their consciousness; how many times has a rainbow been seen when times have been at there darkest or spirits have been at the lowest ebb, to offer light, hope and a little magic in life. Everyone who has ever seen a rainbow has felt the wonder of this flamboyant structure of colour placed against gloomy skies.

Listening to our hearts and looking for the gifts within the situation are just two of the many topics discussed with occasionally an Angelic word added to help with comfort and understanding when required.

An excellent section on chakra’s is recommended to be read as a stand-alone section, but as with the entire contents of the book, it can be read in context of the overall intent or simply used to dip into as and when required to further understand the beauty of unconditional love, as well as garnering Fairy Sparkles in your life.


Author Sarah Rajkotwala
Publisher Petals and Buds
ISBN 978-1676954569
Distributor Petals and Buds
Released 2020