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Flowerpaedia: 1000 flowers and their meanings

Flowers and people, people and flowers: both appear to be inseparable but why is this so, why we get so much pleasure, so much enjoyment from these beautiful creations, is embedded into our DNA, in a form that is largely unrecognisable, but is often made apparent when we feel a connectedness to the flowers which grace our gardens, the wild blossoming landscapes of our countries, the gentle love that is felt when a gift of flowers is given.

Cheralyn Darcey has spent many years working with, researching and enjoying not just the beauty of flowers, but learning to tune into what she refers to as the ‘language of flowers’, their meaning, the gifts of healing and balance they bring into our lives and our daily existence.

In compiling a work of love, she has documented the world of flowers into what she terms a ‘Flowerpaedia’ allowing everyone and anyone who enjoys the flowers, to have a quick and easy reference guide into far more than the colourful moment captured by the eye and the senses.

Flowers have for centuries been used for many purposes, from freshening up the Castle to giving as a gift of love, researched for their healing properties, used in traditional medicines, as well as to ward off evil and create magik, to name just a few. The knowledge was often carefully guarded, handed down through the generations, used sparingly as required. As the years passed much of this knowledge was lost but thankfully is now being re-discovered; made available to anyone who chooses to discover more about plants and the many secrets of their world, their language.

Darcey, as a passionate ethnobotanist, states that plants do indeed have their own language, that they speak with each other and that we as humans, have been translating this language into meaning which is passed down through the generations. Most of us are familiar with the well-known Rosemary for remembrance and red Roses, or Roses and the gift of love. This is just the beginning, the tip of the information there for understanding, enjoyment and pleasure.

Within this comprehensive book, carefully divided into Meanings, Flowers and Resources we are able to discover the real meaning behind the many blooms we take for granted, their properties, their blessings, and uses.

As Darcey points out, being able to easily find this information gives a greater richness to much of what we do: in a simple illustration which will resonate, she asks, what basis is used when choosing flowers as a gift for a friend? Are they flowers that appeal to you or are they flower that will appeal to your friend and bring with them the thoughts and love that are offered.

As you dip into this gift of love, the discoveries made will not just add another perspective to your life, but also allow you to choose with care and love the right flowers, or even vegetables to add something special, something additional to your life.

AuthorCheralyn Darcey
PublisherRockpool Publishing
DistributorRockpoll Publishing
ReleasedApril 2017