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Green Witch

Created for the Teen market with several very good messages within the storyline Green Witch is an interesting concept for the modern Teen reader in the world of today, as it uses psychic medium based within a time schism.

Fast paced, or perhaps a bit too fast paced on many occasions, the plot line of Green Witch becomes very confusing, then somewhat challenging to try and work out what is happening, how that character got involved at that point and certainly what comes next.

But so saying, the plot is a rather good story about Deliah eventually finding her way through life, gathering self-confidence and beginning to understand that her life, well at least to date, has been as it is, to bring her to this time and place; to her destiny.

She arrives at her Great Aunt Edie’s house at the end of her schooling at a prestigious school, lost, alone and afraid in many ways of what comes next. She has a tendency to overthink everything she and others do, which adds angst to her life on a daily basis.

Her Aunt, much loved as a young child, now has dementia, the house is in sad need of repair and the once glorious, beautiful gardens are sadly overgrown. After only hours at her Aunts she realises the fashion shoes and clothes she bought with her are not the right fit, and decides to go into town and get at least some shoes in the morning

The morning brings the trip to town, the meeting of Mae, a dancer, Milly her friend and librarian, Cal, Mae’s boyfriend and Tol; black jeans, leather jacket and a magnetic attraction. A party invitation is offered to a gathering in the Woods behind Edie’s house. Delilah decides to go along and see what this very strange world she has entered is all about, or at least discover if there is any nightlife in this place.

Unfortunately, she discovered far more than she ever wanted to know about the ‘Dark’ woods, arcane magic and trouble in capital letters. Edie comes to her help on several occasions and advises her to find the Green Witch, as she will be the one to help break the darkness that is a dangerous and deadly game being played through the body of Tol.

Well worth persevering with, the Green Witch unfolds in a dramatic fashion which while at times could be considered as slightly unbelievable is still entertaining. BUT if you have any understanding of magic, ancient folkloric and others things mystical, it is a tale that will be enjoyed.

Author Kelly McKain
Publisher John Hunt Publications: Imprint Loadstone Books
ISBN 978-1789047417
Distributor Loadstone Books
Released May 2023