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High Love – Still Connected

When Andrew Bentley lost the love of his life, Winnie in 2013, he felt he had been torn in half. They were the other half of each other, and truly and irrevocably and believed this had been the case over many, many lifetimes. That she could be taken due to an inoperable brain tumour was shattering, not just for Andrew but for the many people who had come of love, cherish and enjoy her warmth, caring and love.

Winnie was a highly-respected woman who was a perfectionist in all she undertook, whether it was her work, her family or her friends. She set high standards for herself, living them on a daily basis.

Her love for Andrew was what she considered her love of a lifetime and was there for ever. But what happens when one side of such a love is taken away: what happens to the one left and how do they learn to rebuild in a completely different world to the one before.

This was the dilemma faced by Andrew, as it is with many in similar circumstances, but in Andrews’s life, a range of every simply little message began to appear to him, his daughters and mother –in-law in the most unexpected places and always at the most appropriate times.

The first little ‘message’ appeared when Andrew was looking at some of Winnies’ books on the Afterlife and Spirituality. In a sketch book he came across a drawing done by her of a heart and her name. He placed this in the kitchen in an appropriate place; the next little message was a heart shaped tag that had been attached to her keyring, appearing on the floor by the cat flap.

This was just the beginning of many instances of heart shapes appearing in many different places.

After seeking advice from a well-respected Medium he realised that this was something very special, this was Winnie reaching out to say ‘I love you’, and always will.

Andrews’ journey has been written in order to reach out to offer comfort, hope and strength to people who have faced the loss of a loved one and to reflect, as many do and will, that their loved ones are still a part of their lives; that often when unexpected things occur it is your loved one reassuring you their spirit is still living on.

A beautiful paragraph by Andrew makes a fitting conclusion when he says:

‘Recognising that we all endure both light and darkness in our lives, it’s so important to cherish all we have, to live in the moment, to rise in the sunshine, to strengthen us for the times of shadows.”


All personal proceeds of this book will be donated to charity.


AuthorAndrew D Bentley
Publisher6th Books
Distributor6th Books
ReleasedNovember 2017