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House Magic

A Handbook to Making Every Home a Sacred Sanctuary

What is that essential magic makes a house a home is a ponderable thought and one that Aurora Kane addresses in the richly welcoming House Magic, A handbook to making every home a Scared Sanctuary.

From the welcoming words of the poetry just prior to the Introduction, to the delicate blessing at the end, there is much knowledge to be gained by working in rhythm with nature, discovering the sacred spirit and personality of the dwelling to create a space that once the door is closed, the stresses of the everyday world melt away.

House Magic can be used as a guide book, as well as a course in creating your magical home full of love and peace. Aurora Kane begins with Manifesting which sets out and explains the reasons for and how to, go about sowing the seeds to create your magical home.

She looks at Blessings, Harmony, Energy, Spells and Rituals, Water and Crystals and finally how to prepare the rooms of the Home to offer warmth, protection, peace and a place that nurtures those who dwell within.

Each of the Sections are made up of many smaller segments, each one filled with information to savoured and built into the fabric of creating a sanctuary, but also offers much about the influence of colour choice, Feng Shui and its importance to good energy flow, the assistance crystals and plants can add to  the environment.

For anyone moving into a rental or home that has been previous occupied there is an excellent section on clearing negative energy, along with a charming mantra, in order to cleanse the environment, allowing you to begin creating your happy, welcoming home.

House Magic has something for everyone within the beautifully designed pages even if you do not believe in ‘magic’, but it can be assured that by following many of the suggestions only positive energy, and a welcoming home will be the end result.

Author Aurora Kane
Publisher Quarto US Imprint: Wellfleet
ISBN 9781577152118
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released December 2020