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In My Past Life I was Cleopatra

A sceptical believer’s journey through the New Age

 Smart, savvy and skeptical, Amal Awad takes an unbelievers look at the wide and disparate industry known as ‘new age’ from more than one perspective; that of religion, commercialism, downright fraud and also the original underlying philosophy of love, light and health with a dose of spiritualism thrown in for good measure.

As an Arab Muslim growing up with superstition as a normal part of her family life, the ‘new age’ movement was just another something else to be skeptical of, until she really grew up and began to discover a wider understanding of the meaning of religion, spirituality and the underpinning philosophies, considering herself as a seeker; all-be-it a skeptical seeker.

My Past Life I was Cleopatra is told with a quirky sense of humour, as Awal shares her journey through both the good and bad of psychic healing, fad diets, healing crystals and the general mumbo jumbo which more often than not, is a very real and often expensive component of the ‘new age’ roadshow or phenomenon.

Awad discovers first hand much within the industry that is fake, often unethical but amongst the mystical mist, there are true gems to be discovered.

Without bias she has investigated what it is that makes people seek that illusive ‘something else’, or belief in their life, whether it be religion or spiritual guidance that has been a consistent component of life since the very beginning.

Informative and enlightening, funny, somewhat irreverent at times, with a smattering of disbelief, all combine to entertain, reveal and explore the very real, lucrative, seductive pathway to spiritual enlightenment, the good, bad, ugly and genuine belief that so many people subscribe to.

My Past Life I was Cleopatra is, if nothing else, entertaining and well worth the read.

Author Amal Awad
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781760525972
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released February 2021